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Mordhau's Patch 20 Adds a New Highlands Map

Weapons, skins, and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new Highlands map has been added to Mordhau in their Patch 20, along with bug fixes and improvements.

Highlands will be available for free for all, team deathmath, skirmish, duel, and teamfight. The team also teases an even larger map in the works. But we’ll have to wait for a later time for more information. The patch includes new shield skins, a new helmet, a visual overhaul for the toolbox buildables, and the like

The patch also covered off combat, weapons, equipment, skins, UI, rcon, and more. For example, combat saw the following:

  • Horse couch now drains stamina on activation
  • Horse couch is now timed
  • Horse couch turncap slightly more strict across the board
  • Horse turning now slightly more weighty
  • Light & Medium horse top speeds reduced very slightly
  • Parry recovery increased 25ms, making double parries slightly harder
  • Max parry angle reduced to 70, reducing back/side parries some more
  • Getting disarmed now slows down more, making it easier to punish
  • Kick stamina drain reduced to 5


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