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Mordhau To Receive Anti-Griefing Changes And More In Update

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Mordhau will receive changes and tools to deal with toxic players, according to a update post on their site.

New maps are in the works, including a map titled Feitoria which is described as a, “sprawling town and accompanying village that will alternate between crowded streets, chokepoints, and more open areas and will have an emphasis on verticality and interiors.”

The second map, Castello, is described as a, “southern-European/ Mediterranean inspired castle keep and walled courtyards,” and will have, “a similar feel to Grad, but with a more involved castle section, including portcullis control and close-quarters fighting.”

Ranked modes are coming to Mordhau as well, with players able to earn distinct ranks. A 64-player attack/defend mode, dubbed “Invasion,” is also currently in development with siege and progressive objectives.

The post goes on to indicate how the team will handle toxic behavior, “At the moment we are discussing and experimenting with ways to add more tools to the game to help curb unwanted behavior.” A client-side chat filter is currently being investigated with the intent of screening abusive language.

For full details, check out the post linked above.


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