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Moonshiners and Collectors Can Save in Red Dead Online This Week

Plus your expected discounts

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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If you’re a moonshiner or collector, you’ll be able to save big in Red Dead Online this week.

Moonshine sales are paying 30% extra this week. Additionally, Collectors are getting 50% more when they sell the Arrowheads or Bird Eggs Collector Sets to Madam Nazar. Permanent Posse creation fees are waived until June 8.

A new batch of returning Limited-Time clothing items are now available including The Tasman, the Danube, the Manteca Hat, the Cossack Hat, the Boutell Hat, and the Irwin Coat. Additionally, discounts on select Pamphlet and Provisions include half off food, liquor, and tobacco items, and 40% off both the Potent Predator Bait Pamphlet and Potent Herbivore Bait Pamphlet.

Ongoing Twitch Prime Benefits include both the Polished Copper Moonshine Still Upgrade and the Collector’s Bag are Free, plus a Reward of 5 Moonshiner Role Ranks. Finally, ongoing PlayStation Plus Bonuses include a free fisherman’s starter pack featuring 5 Special Lake Lure, 5 Special Swamp Lure, and 5 Special River Lure, plus a Treasure Map.

You can learn more details at Newswire here.


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