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Moondrop Releases Revised Snow Edition of Aria, its Hit Earphone

Snow in June

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It was only a matter of time: Moondrop has just released a brand new version of one of its most popular releases of the year, the Aria. The new version is called the Snow Edition and features a brand new CNC milled chassis engraved with a snowflake design. The driver itself has undergone some revisions, too, making this more than just an aesthetic release.

The Aria was a verifiable hit throughout the last year. Since its release in Fall 2021, it became a staple recommendation for under $80 and for good reason. In our review, we found them to be a very dynamic IEM that was a good fit for music, movies, and even gaming. They were a Starfield-mini, which was another cult-hit from Moondrop back in 2020, but retailed for thirty dollars more.

This new model’s fresh style looks impeccably clean and address one of the most common concerns with the original Aria. Used enough, the paint job had a tendency to chip. That shouldn’t be a concern with the Snow Edition and its new engraved finish.

Just is, if not more importantly, it incorporates a new-to-the-Aria driver design. Here’s how HiFi Go described it in its announcement post for the new product:

Moondrop has updated the dynamic driver of the Aria Snow Edition. It still adopts a dual-cavity structure with a brass inner cavity and imported Daikoku CCAW Voice Coil. The main update here is with the diaphragm coil, the pair now uses tried and trusted DLC(Diamond-Like Carbon) diaphragm. We said tried and trusted because Moondrop has previously implemented DLC diaphragms in their successful IEMs like the Moondrop Kanas Pro and more. The pair is tuned following the Moondrop’s VDSF tuning curve. With meticulous tuning adjustments, Moondrop has tuned the pair for a clean and crisp response throughout a wide frequency response range. The DLC diaphragm helps the pair to achieve a natural timbre and refined treble frequency response which greatly complements our music!

It will be interesting to see whether this set meaningfully changes the sound signature of the original. Given the new driver, it’s likely that it will, which makes this much more of a “new” IEM than the revision its name might imply. Either way, it’s an exciting release that’s sure to make waves throughout the coming year.

Find out more at HiFi Go’s announcement post and product page.


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