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Monthly Report and More This Week in Star Citizen

Inside Star Citizen, Newsletter, and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Star Citizen has shared what’s in store for the community this week.

Tuesday will see the narrative team sharing a portfolio piece about Crusader Industries. If you’re unaware, Crusader Industries is one of the four major corporations in the United Empire of Earth which actually own a planet.

Thursday will feature a new Inside Star Citizen. The focus will be a behind the scenes of development of the persistent universe which is obviously a major component of the game. A new sprint report is set to be discussed as well. Additionally, a monthly report is set to be covered off as well.

Roadmaps and Subscriber Vault updates will be on the docket for Friday. Additionally, the weekly newsletter is set to be distributed at this time. A new Star Citizen Live will also take place on the Twitch channel at 8.30am Pacific / 4.30pm UTC featuring Star Citizen Live Director Todd Papy, who’ll be talking about the upcoming patch 3.9.

If you have questions for Todd, submit them over on Spectrum.


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