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Monster Hunting in Barovia Detailed in Latest Dev Blog

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Neverwinter site has been updated with a new developer blog to introduce players to some of the folks they will encounter in Barovia. Each of the personalities detailed in the blog post will offer players a series of challenges to accomplish that will ultimately lead to the Tarokka cards that can customize the hunts on which players embark.

After you have completed your first hunt, Madam Eva will allow you to add your own Tarokka cards to the any hunt. By using the Tarokka Cards you have collected, you will be able to play them during your Hunt’s card reading to increase the difficulty of the hunt as well as what extra rewards you will receive. You may submit up to three cards or none at all. With added difficulties like unable to use items, monsters that can knock you off your mount, and even a dungeon-like challenges, you will need to be bring your best before laying your cards. Beware, the effects of the cards you place add up. Be mindful not to take on more than you can handle.

Each of these folks will arrive with the Ravenloft expansion coming later this month.

Read the full post on the Neverwinter site.


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