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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Update Outlines Rajang, Adjustments, Bug Fixes

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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’s latest update outlines the Rajang monster, various adjustments, bug fixes, and more.

The Rajang looks like an odd cross between a gorilla and minotaur, but promises to offer, “a challenge for even the most experienced hunters.” Special assignment requirements for the Rajang include:

  • Finish the main story campaign of Iceborne and solved the mystery of the Old Everwyrm.
  • Visit the Guiding Lands at least once.
  • Start the Special Assignment (Rajang) by talking to the Admiral.

Guiding Lands Gameplay adjustments include adjustments to the following:

  • Region level change fluctuation
  • Drop rates of special tracks obtained from monsters
  • Region levels can now be fixed
  • Expedition objectives added to fixed region play
  • Locating monsters in the Guiding Lands no longer affect region level

Bug fixes for the Guiding Lands include:

  • Monster spawn rates in the Guiding Lands adjusted.
  • Monsters that are lured out in the Guiding Lands will automatically be tracked by the scoutflies.
  • Target monster in the Guiding Lands will now appear in the log.
  • When a monster is lured out in the Guiding Lands, monsters already present will not leave as easily.
  • Fixed an issue where unnecessary effects would appear in certain areas of the Guiding Lands.

Check out the dev diary below, read full notes here, and be sure to read our Monster Hunter World: Iceborne review here.


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