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Monster Hunter World Arrives for Console Tomorrow - Here's What the Critics Say

Capcom's Monster Hunter World is set to unlock at midnight on January 26th for XBox One and PlayStation 4 players. PC players will have to wait until fall to get their hands on the keenly anticipated game. Reviews are cropping up all over the 'net today and we've got a roundup of thoughts and scores. 

Game Informer - 9.5

Monster Hunter: World is the best game in the series, and a welcoming gateway for newcomers to get in on the tail-chopping, rodeo-riding, and titan-slaying. I never want to play the series on handheld again after this, as the grainy graphics and clawed clutch can’t compare to the redefined experience core platforms facilitate.

IGN - 9.5

Whether or not it's the best, this is certainly the most audacious Monster Hunter game. World takes a dramatic leap into a look, feel, and size that feels truly new, simultaneously staying true to the series’ ideals by maintaining the addictive loop of combat, intimidating monsters and meaningful upgrades that fans love. The sheer depth and commitment required is still intense, but it clearly isn’t Capcom’s aim to court a casual crowd. This is as all-consuming and incredible a ride as ever.

PlayStation Universe - 9.0

With little in its way, Monster Hunter World smashes expectations with its organic, living, beautiful world. Matchmaking has its quirks and qualms, but little stands in the way of what’s been created here. Monster Hunter World raises the bar high without distilling what made the franchise special in the first place.

Gamespot - 8.0

Ever since the title was first announced last year, it was clear that Capcom was gunning for something grander than Monster Hunter Generations. It has succeeded, and this is likely the biggest and best that the franchise has ever been. It's not just the comparative depth of the narrative; it also boasts almost seamless integration between combat systems that were previously incomprehensible for amateurs. The Monster Hunter formula has definitely honed its claws, and all the above factors play their part in making Monster Hunter World a meaningful evolution for the series at large.

Destructoid - 9.0

If you've been skipping out on Monster Hunter games for a while because they seem to blend together, jumping into World is your chance to get in. Just know that Capcom hasn't really shaken up the formula enough to piss off veterans or appeal to people who don't welcome grinding with open arms.

The Telegraph - 5/5

The achievement of Monster Hunter: World, however, is that by the time these more archaic foibles become an issue you will already be in too deep. Any issues melt away as you leap whooping from your seat, punching the air after you slay a giant beast while on your last sliver of health. In Monster Hunter: World, those heart-pounding epiphanies happen with thrilling regularity.

US Gamer - 5/5

I've been preaching to the world about Monster Hunter since falling in love with 2013's 3 Ultimate, but the series' initial learning curve has always proved too steep for many folks with a genuine interest. That curve still exists, but now, Monster Hunter gives players the tools they need to understand it—all while streamlining as much as possible for the most accommodating hunting experience yet. This dense-yet-approachable gameplay, along with the fact that World just might be the prettiest game I've ever played—especially on a PlayStation 4 Pro—could finally get Monster Hunter the audience it deserves. Regardless of whether or not you're a newbie or someone the series has pushed away before, don't sleep on Monster Hunter World. Without a doubt, it's the definitive Monster Hunter experience.

Hardcore Gamer - 4.5/5

For the first entry into a new generation, Monster Hunter: World wastes no efforts in making itself a sprawling experience with enough content to keep people going even without the planned free DLC quests. There’s something for every kind of hunter, whether looking to strategize or just go in with brute strength, in addition to those who like taking a break and exploring all there is in the new world. Monster Hunter: Worldmarks the beginning of even greater things to come in the future. It re-imagined the series from a wider perspective, while keeping the core of what so many players new and old will continue to enjoy.

XBox Achievements - 90

And when emergent moments occur, like turf wars between feuding monsters or an Anjanath steaming in and snatching up a Jagras in its jaws, Monster Hunter: World is at its best. Yes, there can be frustrations and annoyances at times, yet the number of memorable events that can happen during a hunt makes it all worthwhile. Couple that with bags of charm, masses of depth and enormous longevity, and Monster Hunter: World is a winner. Bringing Monster Hunter to the masses? Mission accomplished.

Gaming Bolt - 9.0

Monster Hunter World is an impressive achievement. Its vast web of interlocked systems should be nothing but daunting, but while the game makes no concessions in this area, for which it also has to be applauded, it does make it all a little easier to jump into all of it. The loot grind loop is ridiculously addictive, the design of both the beautiful world itself and the majestic monsters that live in it is wonderful, and bleeds creativity and authenticity- and it all comes together to make for an experience you can easily sink dozens upon dozens of hours into. Monster Hunter World is the perfect place to jump into this famous and beloved series, and if you’re already a fan, then it’s the perfect place to fall even deeper in love with it.

Suzie Ford / Suzie is the Associate Editor and News Manager at Follow her on Twitter @MMORPGMom

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