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Monster Hunter Rise Ships 5 Million Units In First Week Since Launch

Platnium Seller For Capcom

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Monster Hunter Rise is certainly...rising (I'll see myself out) up the charts with gamers right now, as the Capcom-made game for the Nintendo Switch recently announced it shipping 5 million copies  in its first week since launch. Selling the 5 million units in the first week has also seen Rise join other Monster Hunter titles on the company's Platinum Seller list.

Monster Hunter Rise brings the monster hunting gameplay to the Nintendo Switch, bringing what is considered Capcom's flagship title to the portable console. Releasing on March 26th exclusively on Nintendo Switch (with a PC version planned later on), the action RPG has now cracked the Platinum titles list for the company, joining the likes of Monster Hunter WorldStreet Fighter V, Street Fighter II, and Resident Evil 2

Just on the Nintendo Switch.

The news was announced by Capcom this morning, noting as well at the Monster Hunter series as a whole has reached 66 million units shipped as of December of last year. Add this year's sales and now Rise to the total and Monster Hunter continues to prove to be a flagship seller for the Japanese company. With the sales numbers of Monster Hunter World showing around 16.6 million units shipped, adding Rise’s numbers show an impressive one-third of the series overall sales in just the last few years. And that is expected to grow as Rise hits PC next year.

Currently Monster Hunter Rise is garnering critical acclaim, sitting at an 88 metacritic score with industry critics. We're working on our Monster Hunter Rise review currently, with Garrick posting his initial thoughts after a week with the Nintendo exclusive over the weekend, with our full review slated for this week. 


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