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Monster Hunter Now Set To Launch September 14th But You Can Pre-Register Now To Unlock Bonuses

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Monster Hunter Now, the latest mobile MMO AR game from Niantic, is set to bring its hulking monster to the world on September 14th. The AR game is available now for pre-registration, with tiered bonuses set to unlock based on the number of sign-ups.

Monster Hunter Now brings the AR prowess from Pokemon Go developer Niantic to the world of Monster Hunter, allowing players the chance to hunt monsters in their own environment. Capcom, the creators of Monster Hunter, are involved in the project heavily, developing alongside Niantic to provide an authentic experience that fans of the franchise will enjoy.

"Monster Hunter Now puts players in the role of a hunter, and fans familiar with the Monster Hunter franchise will feel right at home," Niantic said in a press release this morning. "Monster Hunter Now takes the experience of hunting monsters, upgrading your gear and fighting more challenging monsters, and adds real world exploration. Hunting the most powerful monsters will require teamwork, and players can enjoy the experience of hunting together with up to three other players. The game is also designed with newcomers in mind, and first-time Monster Hunter players will be able to jump right into the action."

PreReg Monster Hunter Now Bonuses

The global launch of Monster Hunter Now is on September 14th, but people can start to pre-register on their preferred mobile device to get ready for the game launch. Based on the number of players who pre-register, bonuses will unlock, giving in-game goodies to players such as Zenny currency, Double Rewards Tickets, and more.

Earlier today, Capcom revealed the gameplay of Monster Hunter Now on a live stream, showcasing the process for hunting the myriad monsters in the AR game, as well as talking about how you'll work with other players to hunt. Check it out in the embed below.


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