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'Money is Tight' - Funding Options a Large Part of the Work

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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John Smedley has posted a short update on the Hero's Song Reddit. In it, he updated users about the progress of Hero's Song. The gist of the note is that being a start up means having to continually be on the lookout for funding sources and that that has been eating up much of the team's time over the last several weeks since the most recent round of alpha testing ended.

Hi folks,

Sorry for the lack of news or updates. To put it bluntly here part of being a startup means money is tight and funding is a major part of what we have to do as a startup. We're working through some things and I appreciate your patience. Sorry for not being more transparent on this particular issue but the simple truth is sometimes there isn't much that we can say. More info soon.


Thanks to Sedryn Tyros for this forum thread.

We've reached out to Smedley and company to try to gain some insight into the update. We'll keep you posted!


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