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Mobile RPG Summoner's War Receives Holiday Content Drop

New area and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new holiday content drop has arrive for mobile RPG Summoners War. Here are the details.

A brand-new area is also now available, with "Dimension Khalderun,” offering players two Secondary Awakening monsters in the PvE battle system "Dimension Hole.” Dimension Khalderun is the fourth new area in Summoners War and features two legendary foes, Howl and Grim Reapers, who have awoken from their deep slumber.

Dimension Khalderun also includes the Battle the Ancient Guardian which is a new and powerful boss in Dimension Khalderun who casts an Aura of Death on those who dare to challenge him. Defeating the Ancient Guardian rewards players with powerful mystical items such as Ancient Runes, Ancient Grindstones and Ancient Gems.

It also includes the Dimension Hole Energy refund event. Players who emerge victorious from the Dimension Hole are given back some Dimension Hole Energy for their hard work. The Ancient Transcendence Scroll, which Summons a Nat five-star monster that the player does not currently own, is available until January 14.

You can check out more details of the holiday event here, which runs through January 3.


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