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Mobile MMORPG Lineage2M Beta Is Now Available

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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Lineage2M is now available via its beta test, running through November 7th. Players can jump into the Lineage II world on mobile platforms via the cross-play platform, Purple.

Lineage2M is entering its beta in 29 countries, with players able to traverse the full-3D world starting today through November 7th. The beta itself will feature twenty-two different bosses that players can tackle during the testing period, including the Queen Ant and Core Susceptor bosses.

Players who participate will also be rewarded with both in-game currency at launch as well as two Rare Class Cards. For those players who hit over level 40 during the beta period will be further rewarded with 300 Clovers (premium currency) and one Agathion Card.

While the servers themselves will be wiped ahead of the full release of Lineage2M, those rewards for participating will go a long way towards starting anew when the full MMORPG releases to mobile later this year. You can check out more about the beta test on the Lineage2M website, as well as sign up to play if you are interested in exploring the world further.


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