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Mobile MMO Tales of Wind Launches for iOS & Android Devices

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Neocraft has announced that its mobile MMO, Tales of Wind, has launched for iOS and Android devices. The game ships with four classes, each of which can progress through two advanced sub-classes. The game includes dungeons, PvE / PvP and GvG systems and a number of casual games such as racing, shooting, quizzes and more.

During their adventure, players can battle powerful monsters to absorb their essence into a soul card. These soul cards can be used to harness their power, transforming the adventurer into the summoned monster and granting them devastatingly powerful skills. With support for PvE, PvP, and GvG (Guild vs. Guild), you can be sure there will always be someone to fight with, or alongside, in Tales of Wind..

To celebrate today's launch, players can earn "valuable real-world prizes" such as an iPhone X Max, Nintendo Switch consoles, Amazon gift cards and more. 

Check out the Tales of Wind site to learn more.


Suzie Ford

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