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Mobile MMO News: World of Kings Announced for Open Beta This Month

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Another mobile MMO is making its debut later this month when Loong Entertainment's World of Kings is released for iOS and Android devices. Interested players in Europe, NA, SA, and in the Middle East can pre-register for World of Kings to bring home a package of in-game goodies such as a mount, crowns and diamonds. Additional prizes will be earned should a the number of registrants reach a certain benchmark.

In World of Kings, players can choose to play as one of four races: Human, High Elf, Orc and Dwarf. Each race has its own unique environment, characteristics, habits, personalities, and even beliefs. Each race can choose one of nine basic classes, including Warrior, Mage, and Priest, and then evolve into one of three advanced classes, like a Vampire, Battle Mage, or Spellblade. A complete skill system ensures players can further customize their character in addition to the use of gears, talents and masteries.

Other World of Kings features include:

  • 26M square meter map
  • no loading screens
  • PvE dungeons for 5-25 players at multiple difficulty levels
  • PvP including 20v20 battlefields, guild wars, guild sieges, duels and a "no-holds barred PvP area called Hero Island"
  • mining, fishing, cooking and archaeology
  • in-game auction house with a balanced trading system

Former Blizzard composer, Russell Brower, has created an epic soundtrack to go with the game and several well-known voice actors are lending their talents to the project.

Learn more on the World of Kings site.


Suzie Ford

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