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Mobile MMO Hades' Star Makes the Leap to PC & Mac for Cross-Platform Play

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Parallel Space Inc. has announced that its mobile free-to-play space MMO, Hades' Star, has made the jump to Steam for both PC and Mac. Players will be able to play Hades' Star using a single account regardless of the platform onto which they log. "Hades' Star is a space strategy game where thousands of players participate in one shared galaxy." The goal is to create a space empire while inhabiting a persistent galaxy. Players can take part in both PvE & PvP activities.

Yellow stars are the perfect place to build your thriving empire and long-term economy. Red stars explode within 15 minutes, but offer an opportunity for resource gathering and player co-op. White stars last for 5 days and features up to 40 players from two corporations. During this 5 day period, you can plan future moves, communicate them to other corporation members, and see potential outcomes of future combat. Lastly, blue stars last for 5 minutes and are PvP events. Players can only send one battleship to these stars and the top 5 participating players combat each other using their ship’s modules and other NPC ships to destroy other player ships and be the last one alive. 

Learn more on the Hades' Star Steam page.


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