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Mobile Mayhem to Erupt on March 22nd

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Madfinger Games has announced that its mobile MMOFPS, Shadowgun Legends, will be officially released on March 22nd. The game will be available for Android and iOS devices as well as for Nvidia Shield. The game will feature main story and raid modes taking place across 200 missions on four planets. In addition, there is a crafting component that allows players to salvage weapons and gear in order to put them together again in hundreds of different combinations.

Players can pre-register on Google Play in order to receive some "extra cool in-game stuff for when the game launches". You can also pre-register on the Shadowgun Legends site for the same rewards that are unlocked as more players register.


  • Fight alongside millions of players to save mankind from a mysterious invader.
  • Kick some alien butt in a gripping action-packed, story-driven campaign.
  • Take on challenging dungeons and raid bosses with your buddies in Co-Op missions.
  • Visit our Hub and party with your friends in our bar, casino or massage parlor!
  • Battle your friends in exciting player vs player game modes.


  • Build your Legend with our revolutionary Fame system.
  • Revel in the lifestyle of a legendary rockstar warrior.
  • Earn special rewards for having fun and expressing your personality.
  • Have a statue built in your honour or your name on the Walk of Fame for all to see.


  • Experience the most advanced weapon and gear systems in mobile gaming.
  • Collect all 500 lethal weapons and more than 500 different armor pieces.
  • Stand out with hundreds of cool cosmetic items.
  • Hunt for the rarest weapons and armor in epic raids.
  • Customize your gear with paints, skins and stickers to stand out from the crowd.
  • Tailor your own ultimate badass with dozens of unique gameplay-changing skills.


  • Custom HDR bloom / color grading post-processes.
  • Advanced character animation based on Mecanim.
  • GPU-simulated large scale particle systems.
  • PBR inspired character shading.
  • Custom soft shadows system.


  • Enjoy a taste of MADFINGER’s signature dark humor.
  • Laugh your way through some of the funniest dialogue around.
  • Choose from hundreds of hilarious cosmetic items.
  • Experience all the fantastic entertainment we’ve prepared for you in the Hub.


  • In-game support for live streaming.
  • Total transparency of the game and update development.
  • Long-term update plan expanding the Shadowgun universe.
  • Bulletproof anti-cheat system.


Suzie Ford

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