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Mobile Genre-Blending Ragnarok: The Lost Memories Will Be Launching on January 13th

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The latest mobile game in the Ragnarok franchise, Ragnarok: the Lost Memories,  Hymn of the Valkyrie, will release on iOS and Android in North America and Brazil on January 13th.

The game is based on card battling system mechanics that blends with the series’ RPG elements. It looks to take what players like about Ragnarok into a new genre-blending mobile experience. There's a storyline with a hero named Perr who wakes up on Mount Mjolnir having lost his memories. It’s not an unfamiliar take for an anime-inspired game to use, but of course everything depends on the execution.

Perr will adventure to try to get his memories back and this is where you’ll come in. He’ll need help to do this, so it’s time to recruit some from among the available characters via the card system, along with options for new skills and new monster cards. With the convenience of mobile also comes an idle feature, where you can collect gold, materials, and the occasional drop even when you’re not actively playing.

As with other games in the series, there is an open world to traverse, making your way through the story elements and with strategic play at hand. It features over 200 dungeons and trials too. Among these is the Mage Tower. For the PvP-minded, there will be PvP here with the card system too, so deck building opportunities for PvE and PvP are going to be very necessary.

Pre-registration for the game is already open, and there will be rewards to get you started, like red gemstones and card draw tickets. A bunny headband for a little fun too. All are currently on offer thanks to the number of pre-registrations they have so far.

If you’re a fan of the Ragnarok franchise and card-based games, you can find out more over at Ragnarok: The Lost Memories.


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