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MMOs Experience the Annual Holiday Takeover

Neilie Johnson Posted:
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It's the time of year when every MMO feels the need to include yule logs, snow queens and Santa Claus proxies - Here's a mere partial list of in-game holiday activities for anyone feeling a sudden urge to be jolly.

Armored Warfare Giveaway: My.com is giving away new premium commander Anthony Diaz to all players who log in or sign up for beta access before January 18th, 2015. To do one either, players should go here.

Might and Magic Heroes Online: From December 19-26 a special Christmas event giving players the chance to win five exclusive new troops Shadow Lurkers, Highland Clan Minotaurs, Ghosts of Vengeance, Soul Seekrs and The Drifting Faceless), a Winter Deer pet, and a special Christmas attire set.


Order and Chaos's Merry Mayhem: The mobile MMO is introducing a new Capital City, Haradon, a new dungeon Rising Flare: Into the Darkness, new Tier 4 PvE armor sets, a special holiday-themed battle zone, and an exclusive holiday mount, the Winter Oryx.



Villagers and Heroes beset by the Grinchta: The heart of the new Christmas zone and focus of holiday glee is the new "Grinchta's Lair." Those who dare can brave the green beast's wrath, take on off-beat holiday-themed quests, or earn a special Nutcracker outfit.




Marvel Heroes 2015 - Twelve Days of Winter Festivities: If you didn't hear about this one last week, you're already a week behind, but even so, there's still a few days to grab up some holiday loot. Each day, players who log in will receive special gifts like boosts, runes and currency.



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