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MMORTS, Starborne, Hits Open Beta Today

You can sign up, details inside

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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MMORTS Starborne hits open beta today. Here’s what you need to know.

First up, you can sign up for the open beta here. Developer Solid Clouds, an Icelandic shop, shared additional details, primarily that they learned from the Alphas and player feedback. A slew of additions are headed to the open beta.

Top of the list of new additions is the game map. The studio has spent four months hand-building a game map coming in at a staggering 825,356 hexes. The map also includes dedicated safer starting zones and higher resource yielding areas that will incentivize expansion and make gameplay more dynamic.

Founder and CEO Stefán Gunnarsson said in a press release,

“Having three separate, yet equally challenging, victory conditions is just not something we have seen in the Grand Strategy genre before. We expect a lot of back-room agreements and skullduggery between alliances competing for the different victory conditions. This is going to supercharge what was already a deeply player-driven game.”

Additional key features for the open beta include:

  • Map Pins for visual empire planning 
  • Handcrafted map from the ground up
  • Take your first steps onto the frontier with the debut of an In-game tutorial
  • Reduced alliance size for increased cohesion
  • Badges to commemorate progress and achievements
  • Interact with new mysterious alien artefacts, vortexes and broken planets on the frontier
  • Hundreds of hours of ambient soundscapes, 
  • Traversing to the more unique regions of the map is now further emphasized by special camera effects
  • UI Overhaul 
  • Win through three distinct victory conditions: military prowess, industrial efficiency or domain control.
  • Game rounds are now 10 weeks. Alliances leading the charge, in each victory condition, at the end of the round will claim the ultimate prize


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