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MMORTS Kingdom Under Fire 2 Is Shutting Down On October 26

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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MMORTS Kingdom Under Fire 2 is shutting down in October, according to a new Steam announcement by Gameforge. The announcement states that the title, which released less than two years ago here in the West, would be shuttering on October 26th.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is currently unavailable for new players to jump in, and those who still have access will find they can no longer grab premium currency before the servers go offline. You can, however, spend any currency you have left before the October 26th date (there is no word on refunds for those holding currency balances). 

"Dear Bersians, regrettably, we must announce today that the time has come to cease the fighting on the battlefields of Bersia: Gameforge will discontinue the operation of KINGDOM UNDER FIRE 2 on 26/10/2021. We look back on epic mass battles, hordes of enemies and, in particular, a unique community. We are grateful for the amazing time we could spend together and will always remember it fondly."

Launching more than a decade after its predecessor, Kingdom Under Fire 2 finally hit the west in November 2019, and while we mostly enjoyed our romp in the MMO RTS hybrid, it's clear it wasn't for everyone. The closure will happen on the 26th of October, though no specific time is given as to when servers will be shut down that day. There also doesn't seem to be the standard shut down events we see many other titles hold when they are saying farewell to their playerbase during a sunset, so it'll remain to be seen if Gameforge will be hosting one as we get closed to the October 26th deadline.

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