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MMORPG Dragon Raja Hits Mobile February 27

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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MMORPG Dragon Raja has received a release date for mobile.

The game is set to release on iOS and Android on February 27. In case you missed it, some features include:

  • Stunning graphics - industry-leading UE4 engine with realistic light and shadow effects for a AAA visual experience on mobile
  • Delicate modeling - featuring millions of facets and instanced stereo rendering
  • Grand open-world - realistic day/night cycles, weather changes and seasonal cycles
  • Player-driven environment - a world that bends to players’ decisions with an open plot featuring multiple endings, NPC reactions, and varying missions
  • Multidimensional character customization - Thousands of visual combinations and a unique career system allows players to take on multiple personas or looks
  • Epic combat - real-time PvE and PvP combat built to support large numbers of players simultaneously
  • Global play - grand scale play with friends’ dynamic timelines, built-in instant voice chat, rich team play, and massive interactions between characters


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