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MMOFPS Pantropy Brings Sci-Fi Battle-Mechs & RPG Elements

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Pantropy is an upcoming MMOFPS taking place in a hostile alien world. The competition is for the resources of worlds to be colonized through a new wormhole technology in the year 2100. The game is set to hit Steam alpha access in late 2017 with the full release scheduled for sometime in 2018. Alpha servers will be limited to 64 players on a 64km x 65km map. Platforms include PS4, XBox One and PC.

Key Features: 

  • PVE and PVP.
  • Farming automation.
  • Complex base building.
  • Personal modular mechs.
  • Enjoy an anti offline-raid system.
  • Multi-crew vehicles to get around terrain easier.
  • Global events for unique experience every time.
  • Exotic alien world to explore in groups or alone.
  • Exciting first person shooter and hardcore survival gameplay.
  • XP system and rewards, that allow players to specialize their skills.
  • In-depth crafting system: build custom bases, weapons, mechs, and more.
  • Factions that reward teamwork and lead to cross-faction competition for resources.
  • Zero pay-to-play or pay-to-win mechanics. Pantropy is a game of skill, collaboration, and resourcefulness.

Learn more about Pantropy on its official site or on Steam.


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