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'MMO-Lite' Soul Kingdoms Will Shift Direction From Just Battlegrounds With New Flagship Mode: Odysseys

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Things have been quiet on the Soul Kingdoms front for a while now, but Power Proc Studio has a brand new update, shared via the game’s Discord. In short, they have re-evaluated the initial launch of the game after the crowdfunding campaign and have decided to take the game in a new direction.

Soul Kingdoms will be moving away from just focusing on Battlegrounds and returning to the company's initial vision, which is a standalone 'MMO-Lite' with Battleground features. The purpose is having a thriving PVP option without grind That is bolstered by additional features. Their flagship game mode will now be something called Odysseys. Odysseys are going to be, according to the update, "Adventures that you embark on either by yourself or with a small party in an attempt to kill monsters, obtain loot, and bring it back home with you. The goal of each Odyssey is to obtain as much wealth as you can and successfully extract without dying, however you will often find yourself running into other players that aim to steal your spoils”.

Since the studio is announcing the refocused Soul Kingdoms here, there are more details on Odysseys to come, they promise, but it will shape the entire game. Battlegrounds will still be a very important feature, and both Battlegrounds and Odysseys will be optional. If your playstyle and sense of fun is more at home in one feature or the other, great, then you can do that. They emphasize that “it is very important to us that there are multiple avenues of play within Soul Kingdoms , but also not forced avenues that you must partake in”. 

Looks like the plans for the game are going to get more robust, but player choice will be at the forefront. Their short-term goal is to get a playable early version of their full game loop for playtesting. 

Power Proc, now with the new focus revealed, promises more frequent updates on Soul Kingdoms  will be coming. They also promise to distribute backer rewards soon too.

For more on the game, you can check out the Soul Kingdoms  site.


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