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MMO Dev Mainframe Raises 8.3 Million for Cloud-native games

Founded by industry vets

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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After an investment from Riot Games, Mainframe Industries has raised $8.3 million for cloud-native games.

The financing was led by Andreessen Horowitz. Mainframe Industries is founded by Former CCP, Remedy Entertainment, and Next Games devs. They’re currently working on a cloud-native MMO, the details of which are unknown at present.

Thor Gunnarsson, CEO, shared the following in an interview with Gamesbeat.

“We are starting from the ground up with no legacy to constrain us, across mobile, PC or console. All platforms are equally strong.”

He continued,

“There are so many different aspects of being cloud-native that we can benefit from. Player population and simultaneous player counts is one benefit. But we see other aspects of being able to develop for a single runtime targeted in the cloud, giving us the potential to access faster, greater storage for the game, allowing us to basically create a much more vibrant and detailed world.”

Ta, VentureBeat.


Poorna Shankar