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Mist Legacy Blends Skill-Based Systems With Classic Turn-Based Combat

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Independent MMORPG Mist Legacy is in early access. The game is made by a very tiny team of two with a different spin on the genre.

It features a top-down map, where you move an avatar like a game piece around a tabletop board. When you engage in combat, the view will switch to a turn-based combat system. How you do in those battles will involve your gear and your abilities, and the old-school system revolves around learning by doing. With up to five players in a party, you can surely have fun with your friends, but there’s also a party option for solo players. Like a few other games on the market, if you’re playing solo you can recruit NPCs to join you. This will at least give everyone the chance to have a party for battle when they need it. And in doing so, you’ll have more opportunity to skill up, which is clearly very important here.

Having everything based around skills also affects crafting. There are no fixed blueprints for crafting items, so that are fueled by what your skills are and what you’re good at. The crafting system is designed to have layers to it, with flexibility and the ability to learn how to create functional items, and everything from gear, two components to craft entire buildings. If you level up your stone working skills, you’ll be able to construct buildings. Want to make some gear? Work on getting to the point where your skills allow for making just what you need. 

Collect gems, stones, resources, up to fabrics and leather and learn how to combine them in order to create items that help you in your journey. For players who are familiar with the old-school heritage this game draws from, the system should provide some welcome complexity.

For more on Mist Legacy, check out the site here.


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