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Mining, Blacksmithing, More Coming to Fractured's Next Alpha Test

Scheduled for October

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Fractured team have shared what you can expect from their next test, called Alpha 2 – Test 4, featuring mining, blacksmithing, and more.

With Alpha 2 – Test 3 officially ending today, the team provided some information on what to expect in their next test. In short, city content is the main focus. Resource nodes will be a new feature, with players vying for specific nodes. However, only citizens of towns tied to that node are allowed to extract. Two types of nodes are present called fertile grounds and mineral deposits. These nodes will encourage and enable trading.

Mining and blacksmithing were also touched on. The team notes that every armor will be categorized by a weight class. For example, while chain armor is cheaper, it contains lower armor values. The team also shared a full list of weapons available including:

  • Dagger (Light)
  • Scimitar (Light)
  • Mace (Light)
  • Hand Axe (Light)
  • Short Sword (Medium)
  • Long Sword (Medium)
  • Battle Axe (Medium)
  • Spear (Medium)
  • Morning Star (Medium)
  • War Hammer (Heavy)
  • Halberd (Heavy)
  • Great Axe (Heavy)
  • Great Sword (Heavy)

Cities will need to be maintained as well, with higher ranked cities becoming more difficult to maintain. Mounts and wagons were touched on as well. Note that horses are the only mounts planned for Alpha 2 – Test 4. You can check out what all is planned for the test here, which is planned for October.


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