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Mini Closed Beta Interview - Keeping Players Interested

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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With Triad Wars firmly in closed beta, we sent in a couple of questions to lead designer Steve Ferriara. Check out his answers below.

MMORPG: A lot of our readers like the action of Triad Wars, but worry that maybe this game isn't deep enough to hold their attention as MMO and RPG players. How do you plan to combat the perception that Triad Wars is like a really pretty (albeit fun) PC version Clash of Clans?

Steve Ferriara: Triad Wars is just in the early stages right now and throughout the closed beta our focus is on balance, stability and polishing up the core experience. We know we aren’t offering a deeply complex metagame or multiplayer experience yet,however this is where we see great potential for Triad Wars and already have plans that expand on the current design going forward. This was a conscious decision that has allowed us to get the game out into players hands earlier and ensure we don’t over invest in important areas that take a lot of commitment and time into developing the right way until we get feedback and qualification from the community. More ways for players to interact, co-operative play, expanding the choices and impact of those choices through turf building, customization of Turfs and Triads, single player and community based competition are all things that we’re frantically working towards. Everyday we get more feedback from the community that brings new insight and impacts how we work and what we work towards so we’re obviously not ready to commit and make promises to a timeline but rest assured we’re as eager to get there as the players are.

MMORPG: Are there any plans or thoughts on bringing the game to consoles? It seems like a perfect fit for the existing architecture on PSN and XBL. We would love to have Triad Wars on consoles, but for now we are focused on provided the best experience on PC.

Steve Ferriara: We would love to have Triad Wars on consoles, but for now we are focused on provided the best experience on PC.


Suzie Ford

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