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Mindark Taking a Page from Black Mirror with New AI Initiative

Suzie Ford Posted:
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MindArk has announced that it is focusing on the future where people will be able to insert human consciousness into AI that will live in Entropia Universe for years, decades or longer after the physical body passes away. If this sounds familiar, it is because this is very similar to a Black Mirror episode called "San Junipero".  MindArk admits that the technology for this is "some time away", but it is working with scientists at Princeton and Oxford Universities.

MindArk is closely following the work of pioneering scientists within the field of “Mind Uploading” which includes research from Princeton University, Oxford University and other institutions. The company is already testing new technology to create more realistic gaming experiences, and is establishing itself as a leader in the virtual space where digital consciousness can be paired with artificial intelligence. This will open new possibilities for what it means to live on after life is over.

“Everyone dreams of life after death, and our team at MindArk is using the research being done by leading scientists from around the globe to take the first steps towards allowing loved ones to remain around in some form even after they are gone,” said Henrik Nel, CEO of MindArk. "With a well-established virtual presence that spans decades, Entropia Universe is the prime destination for making science fiction a reality and ‘uploading’ volunteer’s brain data to allow them to live on for eternity in the online universe.”

Check out the Entropia Universe site to see if it's a world you'd like to spend eternity in.


Suzie Ford

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