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Might and Delight Offers an Updated Book of Travels Roadmap

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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 Might and Delight has an updated roadmap for Book of Travels, removing some planned features, pushing others back, and adding additional work to be done. This new roadmap replaces the last one which, as the team notes, had “become a  bit outdated”.

First, there are a few things that have been moved off the roadmap for good reasons, as in they’ve already been added to the game. Among these is the first Achievement pack, some new skills and spells, a new area, The Mistkeeper’s Toe, and a new outmark. While the team’s focus has been on shoring up the server and stability, there have been some new features and additional depth added to the build in the months since the team had to be downsized.

Some of the other points on the roadmap have been shuffled. Heirlooms and new forms are among these, along with new quests and lore, and now set under Prologue Release. “In Braided Shore, the land bustles with wanderers and fortune seekers. What intrigues might you find in chance encounters? What tragedies do the dead speak of?” says the intro under that heading. This will be a starter on the way to a more robust release, so some of what was initially planned to already be included will be there instead.

The overall roadmap is categorized into a few goals for the months ahead, as the team’s update says. Tech updates and fixes, lore and quest updates, vehicles and journey log updates, new UX features, and new quests and lore. 

Work continues and updates will follow. It seems that work on some of what has been added and the ability to update the roadmap with goals comes from some momentum on how the project is taking shape.

You can read the new updated roadmap over on the Book of Travels Steam page.


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