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Might and Delight Addresses Book of Travels Server Issues and How They're Addressing Them

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Might and Delight's Book of Travels is seeing some server issues following the start of early access, and the team has issued an update on what's going on and how they're working to address them.

Server stability has been an issue, and some got an error message when trying to log in, "all the servers are down". Others get an endless loading message. Yet, there are multiple servers, and the dev update notes that," Additional servers are added automatically once a threshold goes below X number of free seats". What seems to have been occurring is the server wasn't in sync with the speed at which players were hitting the server refresh button, so that new capacity wasn't automatically added as needed. 

They've already begun addressing the issue since catching it and are also looking into more options, including the possibility of making those additional slots get added faster. If people can’t get into the TMORPG (Tiny Multiplayer Online RPG) and explore on a stable server, the community aspect and cooperative world at the center of the game don’t work as well.

Since it is early access, this is the time to both let people get in and know the flavors of your game and what to expect, while still being able to make changes and decide just how best to serve the population where there’s demand.

Might and Delight is  also considering where the servers for Book of Travels  are located, as in comparison with where players are logging in from. If certain regions have high sustained populations, this may be a factor, since if there are many players in a region trying over and over to connect, it may slow down the whole server due to demand. They're looking at possible new US data centers, likely on the east coast and possibly another one for the global community as well. 


Christina Gonzalez

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