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Microsoft Excel is Now Available For All Your Data Needs in EVE Online

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When CCP announced a deal with Microsoft to bring Excel to EVE Online, it was basically a meme come true. Well, Excel has arrived in EVE Online with the free add-in option  live now.

The integration lets players access and look at all of their in-game data, designed for a seamless way to visualize all your important info quickly and easily in game. If you want to add Excel to your EVE Online experience, you'll be able to get it from the Microsoft Store.

The Excel add-in is free to install and you won't require a subscription to any Microsoft services to use Excel with EVE. This partnership is designed to make everything available, clear, and to use a very simple tool that a lot of people are familiar with. Yes, every player has heard the spreadsheets in space jokes a hundred times, but this is designed to be a useful and accessible tool.

The decision to partner up and release the Excel add-in matches with CCP’s efforts to improve the New Player Experience and to give players tools to learn the game. The uses for these new spreadsheets could be keeping track of your bounties, an eye on your rewards, your loot value, ship encounters, assets, progress, or even use it to keep track of all your mining decisions. And of course, to keep an eye on your profits. 

CCP and the Microsoft Excel team worked on the Excel integration together, “including some of their in-house capsuleers who have been invaluable to the project”. Together, both companies partnered in conceptualizing and building out how best to fit Excel in EVE Online.

Creative Director Bergur Finnbogason, in a release, said, “Collaborating with Microsoft to provide EVE players with direct access to Excel’s spreadsheet software tools has been both a very enjoyable experience and a very natural fit, which should come as no surprise to the data enthusiasts at our two companies and within our respective communities”.

CCP is holding a special Twitch stream today at 20:00 UTC/4 PM EDT to show off everything Excel + EVE.

Read more over at EVE Online.


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