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Metin2 Removes Bans on Players from Recent BanWave

Steven Weber Posted:
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Metin2 UK Community Manager Threea posted some information earlier today on the official forums about irregularities in several cases related to recent Cheatblocker updates that resulted in player bans. Due to these irregularities, the team has decided to remove all pending bans from the queue and lift all recent bans related to the update.

Bans associated with the Cheatblocker updates in December 2020 and March 2021 will soon have their accounts unbanned, though the team wants players to know that it could take several days before all accounts are active again. They stress that players should not put in support tickets if they have questions over these bans, as all cases are being handled internally, and support tickets from users will not be necessary.

Though players will have their accounts returned to them, those that were banned may notice that pets, costumes and items may have expired or become unusable in the time they were unable to play, and the team is looking into compensation options for those circumstances. Fairness is key to any game, and it’s unfortunate that there are likely cases where legitimate players have had their accounts banned in error.

Still, the team reaffirms that just because all accounts thus far are being restored, it does not mean that the vast majority of bans weren’t valid and accurate. Most accounts detected by Cheatblocker were bots, but until the team can confirm that they no longer pick up false positives, they have stopped all bans for the foreseeable future. Metin2 recently released their Curse of the Serpent Queen update, which went live late last month. 


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