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Mercenaries Content Expansion Arrives for PlayStation 4 & Xbox One

Suzie Ford Posted:
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World of Tanks console players are receiving a massive update today with the launch of the Mercenaries content expansion. The new addition "dramatically transforms its most popular franchise" for PlayStation 4 and XBox One. Wargaming considers Mercenaries "a re-launch of the 15-million player strong F2P console MMO".

World of Tanks: Mercenaries introduces a unique Mercenary crew with their own backstories, playstyles and specialized vehicle. Want to unleash a hellish fury on your enemies with a Japanese freedom fighter? Storm Hunter is your woman — she rides into battle in the furious Heavy Tank, Needle. How about pestering enemies with an erratic and aggressive barrage of shells? Crazy Snake is your guy — get him with the mighty light tank, Stubbs! Five vehicles are available at launch, and the Mercenary nation will continue to expand its ranks in the weeks to come.

In addition, console players will find the new, console-exclusive War Stories campaign called The Heist, an epic story-focused alt-history PvE mission.

Learn more on the World of Tanks console site.


Suzie Ford

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