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Mentor Rewards Program

Michael Bitton Posted:
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A new Mentor Rewards program has been launched in 2029 Online. In the new program, veterans of the game will be able to be linked up with other players as their mentors and earn rewards for helping their apprentices level up.

Rewards include bronze, silver, and gold medals, and these medals can be exchanged for valuable items up to and including a level 70 purple gear piece.

2029 Online

Instructions and rules for mentoring are available below:

Mentoring Rules:

1. To begin earning credit as a mentor, you must register with Bank Clerks found in Bright City, Jungle or Power Core.

2. Mentors work toward rewards by helping new players level up. When a new player registers their account, they are asked to input a recommendation code given to them by a veteran player. After they have done so, their mentor receives rewards based on the new player’s level advancement.

3. A veteran player can mentor many new players, but each new player can only have one mentor per account.

4. Mentors are awarded medals for helping new players reach certain level milestones. They can redeem the medals for prizes.

For more information, visit the official 2029 Online website.

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