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Memory Improvements Coming to EVE Online

For both GPU and System memory

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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On the back of several massive battles in EVE Online, you may have noticed that performance has been chugging.

CCP has announced their work to improve client memory performance. This makes sense given that in these battles, skins, ammo types, weapons, and more demand more and more memory. You’ll see these improvements most clearly in these large battles or any situation which requires several different types of assets to be loaded in.

The article talks about two different types of memory: GPU memory (VRAM) and system memory (just “RAM”). VRAM is leveraged to store texture data, geometry data, meshes, and more. This is your GDDR6 type memory on your graphics card itself.

System memory, or RAM, stores pretty much anything else like the Python interpreter, UI, audio, networking data, input data from the user, and the localization engine. The team notes that while both VRAM and RAM will see improvements, its this System RAM that will see the biggest improvement,

“In the current version of the EVE client, the “Cube of Death” scene uses about 3600MB of system memory. After the change, it has dropped to approximately 3000MB, or around a 17% decrease in memory use by the client.”

You can check out the full post here.


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