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Melvor Idle: Expanded Edition Broadens the RuneScape-Inspired Indie With Lots of New Content

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Melvor Idle: Expanded Edition is out on PC and mobile, giving the RuneScape-inspired idle game new content, expanded lore, new items, skills to train, and enemies to defeat.

The expanded edition features both the original Melvor Idle and its expansion, Throne of the Herald. That expansion builds upon the lore and lets players find out more about the lore, the mysterious forces around the land of Melvor, and more discoveries that lay beyond the Capital.

This is an idle game, so it's a little bit different than what you might be used to, and focuses simply on the journey. You can still Master 25 skills, and even take on over 200 different monsters by tapping or clicking. Each of the skills has its own function and interactions to discover. Some of the skills you will find familiar if you are a RuneScape player, like Woodcutting, Cooking, or Smithing. 

There are 15 non-combat skills you can train, and they all have their own mechanics and functions. Training up a skill and maxing it out can also benefit your other skills in ways that you'll be able to discover from playing the game. Aside from those, there are also combat skills to train like Melee or Magic skills. 

In this game you'll also find dungeons and bosses to fight, and some lore as well to learn about as you go along. As you continue and earn rewards, there is a bank and an inventory system to use, with over  1,700 items to discover. The expansion content included in this edition expands the lore of the land as well as adds more content to play through. Game is also cross platform through a cloud-save system so you can start on your PC and continue on a mobile device.

Melvor Idle is an independent title that is published by Jagex itself, showing some faith in creative content inspired by its decades-old flagship IP. More content and expansions are planned.

For more, head to Melvor Idle. 


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