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Melting World Online Enters Early Access - Battle Mechs Galore

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Juvty Worlds, the studio behind Wild Terra,  has released Melting World Online into Steam Early Access. The game is "a multiplayer strategy game with tactical turn-based battles". Players will lead a group of Battle Mechs that can be customized with new equipment and weapons gained through looting, production, researching and trading. In addition, players can take part in dueling, the PvP arena or head through the game in 4-play co-op.

  • LEAD A FIRETEAM OF BATTLE MECHS - Dozens of types of mechs in turn-based tactical battles with a unique system of calculating damage. Use environment to defeat enemies.
  • IMPROVE SKILLS OF PILOTS - There is a team of hired pilots at your disposal. Develop their perks and skills. Earn rewards for completing quests.
  • EQUIPMENT AND CUSTOMIZATION - A huge combat arsenal. Hundreds of equipment items - weapons, armor and outfits. Combine the equipment of the mechs and use paints.
  • PRODUCTION, RESEARCHING AND TRADING - Collect materials and craft. Conduct a technology research. Catch and examine local wildlife. Trade items with other players.
  • DUELS AND ARENAS. SINGLE AND COOPERATIVE BATTLES. - Fight alone or team with up to 4 players. Compete in duels and PvP arenas.

You can get started today for $6.00.

Learn more on the Melting World Online Steam page.


Suzie Ford

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