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Meet the Zenith: The Last City Team in New Behind the Scenes Unity 'The Game Changers' Episode

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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With Zenith: The Last City entering a new chapter after securing a big new funding round, there hasn’t been much news since then. However, there’s a brand new video in the Unity series, The Game Changers, featuring the Ramen VR team talking about the Zenith creative process.

If you’re a fan of behind the scenes content, design philosophy, or even just getting to meet the teams responsible for creating a game you enjoy, this video is worth a few minutes of your time. 

The new video introduces the Ramen VR team and their process in how they decided to create a VR MMO in the first place, their philosophy, and how they even got started. Since this is a Unity video, they talk about using the engine and how deciding to use it helped speed up development. Overall, it’s a behind the scenes slice we haven’t gotten like this for Zenith before. 

If you haven’t had the chance to get into Zenith, (you can read our review here) there’s a look at some of the features, from the beginning when they could only feature running through the world to how they built out cooking, crafting, gliding, and even the use of audio to create immersive sound. If someone comes closer to you, they’ll get louder, and how you can turn to someone nearby and greet them. The idea is to create a sense of realism but also a space that’s fun and inclusive.

Work on Zenith: The Last City continues, and the team is growing. There’s a general 2022 roadmap already published on some of what we can expect. The new funding round opened the door to that growth, including work on creating interconnected experiences based on Zenith and translating the experience to non VR platforms. 

Find out more over at Zenith: the Lost City.


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