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Meet The Untamed, The Elite Specialization for the Ranger in Guild Wars 2

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The Untamed, the new Elite Specialization for the Ranger in Guild Wars 2, is a force of nature, multiplied. 

The latest reveal showed off the new Untamed, wielding a hammer to smash through and keep enemies dazed and debuffed. All of this smashing and using your new nature energy powers may be impressive and all, but your enemies should never turn their backs on your pets either. As a Ranger, you’ve mastered and bonded with your pets and relied on combat companions but this time, the boosts will be quite powerful. That same power of nature making your big hammer swinging might be heard all around Tyria? Well your pets will be getting boosted by energy in their own attacks. And together, with nature flowing between Untamed and pet, they’ll be united by it and this will make some hits hit even harder. 

This new path for the Ranger in End of Dragons will be yours to test when the new beta event goes live on October 26th. The previous reveal of the Specter for the Thief for this event means that all new specializations will soon be known, as the community gets into testing out the new options and seeing where they may want to take their characters if they buy End of Dragons.

With the release still a couple of months away in February, these beta events should help you make a decision as the Guild Wars 2 team continues making changes and improvements that will also go beyond End of Dragons. We’re also looking forward to data from the DirectX 11 beta as well as the promised overhaul of WvW, but all of the happenings at ArenaNet are leading us to what looks to be a pretty exciting new chapter in Tyria. For more, check out the official announcement here.


Christina Gonzalez

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