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Suzie Ford Posted:
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The Legend of Martial Arts site has been updated with new information about some of the baddies players will encounter while in game. Developers spend time highlighting how far the game has come graphically since it originally debuted inNorth America as Kung Foo! earlier this year.

Another thing that you’ll notice straight off the bat about these creatures is that the majority of the mobs you face are actually humanoid, unlike most games where you’ll find yourself bashing small, woodland creatures 90% of the time. And not only are these mobs humanoid, but they really exhibit a high level of personality due to very detailed and emotive facial features and amusing idle animations. One enemy may be menacingly holding a two-handed battle-axe one moment, only to put it away to take a swig from a loaded vial the next.  These guys honestly feel alive, to the point where you may be surprised to find yourself actually mistaking a mob for another player.

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Suzie Ford

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