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Meet the Elder Council Ahead of ESO's Blackwood Launch, Plus New ESO Live This Friday

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Blackwood is almost upon us. But before the next chapter drops for Elder Scrolls Online, the team over at Zenimax Online Studios shared some additional information on the Elder Council, in addition to details on their next live stream.

The Elder Council post is presented almost like a lore article unto itself, written by Adandora, Chronicler-at-Large. Reading the post sees the Elder Council as a collection of politicians and various advisers, however, they’ve gone missing somehow.

Several Councilors are named as Adandora attempts to discover their whereabouts. These Councilors include Lovidicus, Abor, Faleria, Vandacia, and Jirich. Each have their own respective quirks, behaviors, and personalities.

It seems like we’ll meet them during our adventures in Blackwood when it drops in June.  You can read the full Elder Council post here. Additionally, an ESO Live is scheduled for this Friday, May 21 at 3p ET. The theme for this live stream will be the music and sounds from Blackwood.

The stream will feature Audio Director, Brad Derrick. Brad will discuss how he and his team plan, compose, record, and produce the sounds and music during our adventures. Of course, Twitch Drops will be enabled during the live stream, so link your account. You can check out the live stream over on the official Twitch channel.

In related Elder Scrolls Online news, you might be interested in PTS patch 7.0.4 if you’re helping testing on that environment. Additionally, the community team confirmed recently why the 12-player group limit is in place, and it’s due to performance as many surmised. Finally, Matt Firor recently discussed the game’s success and what’s in store for the future in an interview.


Poorna Shankar