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Meet the Bless Team & Find Out What They Love Most About the Game

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The Bless Steam page has been updated with a lengthy article to introduce the community to the development team. In a fun series of questions, readers can also find out what each developer likes best in the game. Questions cover favorite content, class/race, and what they'd each like the community to know about the game.

Is there anything you want the Bless Online fans out there to know?

  • Sungjin Ko (Executive Producer)

    First of all, I’m glad that I’m able to speak to international fans about our game. The dev team has been working really hard to get the game ready, so we are hoping to release a good game soon. Finally, I want to address the concerns regarding Pay to Win in the game. I promise you that there will be no Pay to Win elements in Bless Online. We want players to enjoy the game their own way.
  • Jaehoon Jeon (Creative Director )

    Launching a new game can be both nerve-racking and exciting for any developer. We are always racking our brains to make our in-game content even more interesting. We put so much effort into creating a game experience that you can enjoy. We hope you get to experience it and have fun. 
  • Daeeok Park (Art Director)

    I hope that you can take a break from recent fads like fighting and survival games for a while so that you can enjoy playing Bless Online with your friends in a wide and beautiful fantasy world.
  • Kyeongho Cheon (Audio Director)

    One of the key elements of making MMORPGs better is the continued nurturing from the community. We hope that you will help us make Bless Online a rich and fulfilling experience by making new friends, exploring and sharing together. Please enjoy the game!
  • Seongil Ma (Combat Game Designer)

    I’m glad to be able to share my thoughts with all of you through this Dev Talk. I hope I’ll have this opportunity to do this again.

Check out the full article on the Bless Online Steam page.


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