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Meet Loftia, an Indie Solarpunk Social MMO in Development Now

Steven Weber Posted:
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Loftia, developed by Qloud Games, is an indie social farming MMO that is in development. The game is being designed with a vision to create a home away from home, where the community makes a “positive impact on the world” which they intend to be the heart of the gaming experience.

As one would expect simply by looking at it, Loftia is not your typical MMO. It is not aiming to compete with combat focused games like World of Warcraft or New World, but instead, it seeks to carve out its own niche by taking inspiration from similar community building games like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing. The game is being developed by a small team of just over twenty people, which is a stark increase from where the game was back in 2022 when it hit the scene on their blog with only 5 developers.

The game is being built on Unreal Engine 5, which the team states was a turning point for Loftia, transitioning it from a small hobby project to a serious endeavor with a committed goal. While Loftia takes heavy influence from games like Animal Crossing, Qloud believes that they will be able to bring the same community building efforts to a large number of players in a persistent world. These games are known for their stress-free exploration, personal creativity, and immersive, relaxing gameplay.

Loftia features a solarpunk aesthetic, a genre that envisions a bright, sustainable future powered by renewable energy. This aesthetic is reflected in the game's art and design, contributing to what the developers describe as a cozy atmosphere.

Qloud believes that Loftia is more than just a game but that it's also a platform where players can learn and advocate for a more sustainable future. The developers believe that games have the power to make a positive change in our environment and our world, and this belief is reflected in the game's design and themes.

Loftia is built on a cloud-based infrastructure, which ahas numerous benefits for both the developers and layers, which include small download sizes, and shorter time to rollout updates. While Loftia has a lot of work ahead of them, especially to break into the social community MMO space, where few games have really trailblazed before, the team is steadfast that they’ll be able to provide a great experience.

However, the team at Qloud has yet to attempt crowdfunding on Kickstarter, but the developers intend to launch the campaign soon, noting that they are hoping for some additional funds to make this game a reality. While it’s common to be burned by games, especially MMO’s that have been crowdfunded before, there is no telling as of this time whether Loftia’s appeal for community funding will be successful or a lofty endeavor that may fall short. No matter how it turns out, we hope to see Loftia come to fruition in the future for fans of social MMO’s everywhere.


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