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Meet Druid Laurel, as The Elder Scrolls Online Opens Up Lost Depths Lore in New Character Profile

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The Elder Scrolls Online will be getting the Lost Depths DLC on August 22nd and ZeniMax has begun sharing some lore that should get you ready for the dungeon-based DLC. Today, there’s a new entry in the Meet the Character series focusing on Druid Laurel, a scholar in the Systres Archipelago.

Laurel’s place in the lore is a little clearer from the way she is described:

“Druid Laurel has a clear impact on those she meets in her travels, and you’ll have an opportunity to team up with the earnest scholar yourself when exploring Earthen Root Enclave, one of the two new dungeons coming soon as part of the Lost Depths DLC”.

Being a druid and a scholar gives us a hint at what something called Earthen Root Enclave might just be about. She herself is a traveler in the Systres seeking info on ancient lore herself. Most of the blog is written, as many of these Meet the Character entries are, as a letter. This letter is one to Druid Rahval from Elder Karic, with Laurel as the subject, and someone that Rahval had asked to be welcomed by Karic in the village for the sake of her studies.

“It appears that she wants to speak to the Evergrowth, but what information she hopes to glean from our nature spirit, I cannot say.” Laurel’s studies, her ability to adapt to different tasks and circumstances, and impact on others are all noted. Here, the mystery deepens, and we should expect some more answers when the Lost Depths DLC is out. 

Overall, the description of Laurel and her interactions with the group, her curiosity and mysterious goals, all describe a character to keep an eye on, and someone who makes an unexpected impact. 

You can read the full blog over at The Elder Scrolls Online.


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