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Meet Alyss, Tower of Fantasy's Next Simulacrum Coming Next Week

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Tower of Fantasy will be adding a new simulacrum, Alyss, when the next big update, 2.3, Amidst Miasma arrives on February 2nd. This comes as the team is also celebrating six months since launch with special rewards and events. 

Alyss gets a new trailer to introduce her. Although we got to see her briefly in the recent trailer for the coming update, here’s our first look at what she can do. Alyss is a Special Forces Agent, and verified M-sec 2000 with a mysterious past and great power. Her signature weapon, described as a “shoe blade”, Unyielding Wing, has a Frost attribute. Associate her and her forms with the butterfly and with figure skating. The shoe blade makes more sense that way.

In the trailer, we see Alyss get into battle, with her high and fast jumps, that figure skating influence, and her determination…in a daydream. She is known for her determination and hard work, and she has the special ability to transform herself into a dragonfly shape that works for combat, infiltration, and exploration. 

Of course, this is just an intro trailer, but it serves to set up what we will see from her and her relationship with another simulacrum, Saki Fuwa. She responds to Captain Fuwa at the end of the trailer. Saki Fuwa is Alyss’ mentor, and 

 It's only a matter of time before we get a showcase showing off all of her skills.

The team is also setting up celebrations to mark six months since launch. After the 2.3 update is out, the team will give everyone a Top-Up bonus reset, that lets you  get a double bonus on your first top up. There's also a special crowd creation project that lets the community show their creativity in order to win some in-game rewards. 

For more, head to Tower of Fantasy.


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