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Medusa Comes to Chimeraland As a New Attendant on July 28th

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Since Chimeraland is inspired by legends of Ancient Greece and elsewhere, it’s not surprising that the recently-launched game would be adding yet another recognizable new monster this week: Medusa. 

Events and recent additions including the Chimera, kicked things off in a big way for the game. The arrival of Medusa as the newest NPC Attendant will come on July 28th. The team released a new preview video showing off Medusa's abilities, and they include Petrifying Gaze, something she’s well known for, and mix that with a series of snake-inspired powers. In fact, in her intro video, she’s referred to as the Snake-Haired Demoness. 

She’s one you’ll probably want to have by your side as your protector, since she has her range of skills and will also let you earn more XP from killing monsters. Her powers shown in the video are: Venom Outbreak, Noxious Sting, Viper Laser, Fatal Embrace, Poisoned Earth, Snake Rebirth, and of course, Petrifying Gaze.

They look to be a range of AoE attacks, poison-based powers, and one that looks restorative. 

Attendants in Chimeraland are NPCs that you can recruit and they’ll be able to accompany you as companions and even protect you. It’s a harsh world filled with monsters and creatures, so having your NPC Attendant might be the key to surviving out there in the open world. You can have your Attendants learn their various skills and equip them for the best options. 

It makes sense that a game like Chimeraland would begin adding in more Attendants that are based on some of the myths and legends that the overall game is inspired by. With the current Ancient Greece-themed events running, the opportunity to challenge Chimeras, and to get themed rewards, a Medusa Attendant definitely complements the rest.

For more, head over to Chimeraland.


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