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Medieval MMO, Past Fate, Issues Kickstarter Update

New Tiers, and New Class

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Past Fate, the medieval MMO currently on Kickstarter and also in Alpha, has posted a Kickstarter Update on their campaign page.

The update reminds us of the Weapon Design Contest announced previously before they touch on some updates arriving this week. Along with bug fixes and more spells and abilities, the team states they may be able to provide an “initial taste” of their fourth class, the mage, soon.

Additionally, they share these three key points,

  • We were waiting for funding to do this, but we would like to begin looking at upgrading the UI elements early.
  • We will be looking at revising a lot of quests, adding more treasures and secrets within the world. 
  • We are also looking at launching an early test of destructible areas to access caverns and secret underground locations.

Two new Kickstarter tiers have been added as well: Hunter and Stablemaster:

  • "Hunter" ($70) comes with the earliest option of Kickstarter exclusive pet; Goblin Squire.
  • "Stablemaster" ($125) comes with Kickstarter Exclusive mount; Black Gulskir War Horse.

You can check out the full Kickstarter update here.


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