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Medieval Dynasty Now on Xbox Game Pass PC

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Xbox Game Pass continues to grow in value as it receives another title in Medieval Dynasty, the Middle Ages survival/simulator title which released into Early Access last year.

If you’re unfamiliar with Medieval Dynasty, be sure to catch up on our Early Access Impressions here. You hunt, gather, build, and survive in the Middle Ages as you grow your village and settlement.

We said at the time,

“Life simulators like Medieval Dynasty have the benefit of a few hard goals and lots of freedom. What Redner Cube seems to have done with Medieval Dynasty is craft an experience that blends the incredible artistic inspiration and well established gameplay systems that are par for some famous Polish RPGs while striking a pleasant blend of open-world adventure and light survival mechanics.”

And now, you can grab Medieval Dynasty on Game Pass PC and check it out for yourself. Regarding the release, Matthias Wünsche, CEO Toplitz Productions, noted in the press release,

“We are honored to offer Medieval Dynasty as part of Xbox Game Pass for PC. This cooperation shows that we are on the right track with Medieval Dynasty and we are very proud to now make the game available to an even larger community!"

Damian Szymanski, CEO Render Cube added,

"It was our goal to present the Middle Ages from a whole new perspective, to the widest possible player base. In our world you play the life of the common man, who creates his dynasty with a lot of diligence and skill. It was a brave step to go this way, but we are happy that we have met the taste of the community so far and we are not done yet. We can promise all players that Medieval Dynasty still has some extensive updates and features in store!”


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