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Master Builder Servers Coming to Promote Building the Greatest Structures Possible

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The Dark & Light team has posted a new forum notice to let players know that a new server type, the Master Builder, will be launching later this week. It is designed to "promote building the greatest structures possible". US / EU / AS versions will all launch on November 30th.

Master Servers are unlike other D&L servers in that they will not feature decay and will instead remain persistent. Additionally, there will be no wipes, materials will be gathered more quickly, leveling will be 5x faster and more.

  • Increased Building Protection Radius - We want everyone to have plenty of land to expand in once they lay down a foundation - construction is forbidden in a larger area around existing structures compared to Official servers.
  • Test New Construction Items! - Master Builder servers will generally have access to new construction items before other servers. We trust the word of Archos’s greatest architects, so we’ll be looking to Master Builder players for feedback on these items before they’re released to everyone.
  • Steam Workshop Integration - This is still a work in progress, but once we have full Steam Workshop support, we’ll be looking to regularly add new structure pieces and decorations to Master Builder servers.

Devs have plans to watch servers to ensure that building-related exploits aren't utilized as well as monitor harassment and so forth. The goal is, of course, "the beauty of architecture".

To celebrate the opening of these unique servers, devs will be sponsoring competitions with attendant rewards. Details about these contests will be released over time.

Read the full post on the Dark & Light forum.


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